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Laboratory of Power Network Parameters and Power Quality

Prestigious main activity of the Laboratory is calibration of measuring instruments in the field of all parameters of the multiphase voltage and current vector with as possible high accuracy, hence the name Laboratory of Power Network Parameters and Power Quality Laboratory of Power Network Parameters and Power Quality.
In this regard, calibrates all types of instruments, that measure (meters, electricity meters and quality analyzers), generate (calibrators) or convert (measuring transducers) electricity values, which presents range of services Range of services
We offer an unique calibration of power quality analyzers and power quality calibrators, (instruments that measure and generate the distorted signals and / or time varying), because for many years we employ staff of the highest professional and scientific knowledge, which is supported by the apparatus necessary to design, production and calibration of these instruments.

For over twenty years, we design and produce standards of power network parameters and power quality and for their calibration we use the highest accuracy class standards with traceability to the National Standards Institutes and we use the requirements of quality standards, including EN ISO / IEC 17025. In the production of standards, we have introduced a very high automation of the measuring procedures thus minimizing the operator participation in the measurements (minimizes subjective factor) and increases the reliability of the measurement results recorded in the calibration certificate calibration certificate. An additional advantage of automation of the calibration process is the ability to reduce calibration costs computed on each measuring point.
Our measuring stations and automated procedures we use to provide services of the calibration of instruments (our production and others) held by our clients. Calibration scope Calibration scope includes the "typical" values as voltage, current, frequency, power, energy, resistance, or impedance, which is in the calibration scope of other laboratories, but additionally in under non-sinusoidal and / or time-varying conditions and includes a "unique" parameters associated with power quality.

Services description
DescriptionCalibration with
MaintenanceCertificate Calmet Lab.Maintenance & Certificate Calmet Lab.Maintenance & Certificate External Lab.
Symbol of serviceCal+MCal+CCCal+M&CCCal+M&CE
manufactured by Calmet-
of other manufactures---
Tasks include
instrument cleaning-
check/replace parts if required 2)-
function checking-
small repairs if required 3)-
adjustments if errors ≥ 70% of limit-
traceable calibration
certificate with data & uncertainty-
1) External Lab. - External Accredited Laboratory,
2) parts as standard batteries or user-replaceable fuses,
3) if big faults are discovered, we make a reservation for a new repair price agreed with customer
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