Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices


C300B - Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester

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Three phase, class 0.02% and 0.05% power quality calibrator up to 120A (360A) and 560VAC with programmable power quality parameters. It makes possible to make automatic test of electricity meters, measurement transducers, current transformers and protection relays.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the C300B Calibrator accuracy when temperature is over specified +20...+26°C temperature?

The specified temperature +20...+26°C range means, that in this range the accuracy of the C300B Calibrator is 0.02%. The influence of the temperature is included in this accuracy for this range of temperature.

For the temperatures below +20°C and over +26°C the additional temperature error is defined as: 0.1 of basic accuracy per 1°C, in temperature range +5...+20°C and +26...+40°C. This means, that the additional temperature error is: 0.02% * 0.1 = 0.002% per degree out of the basic temperature range.

Example: Assume that temperature of environment is 30°C and C300B Calibrator 0.02% basic accuracy. We will get: 30°C - 26°C = 4°C; 4 * 0.002% = 0.008% - this is additional temperature error. The total error for this 30°C temperature will be: 0.02% (basic error) + 0.008% (influence of temperature) = 0.028%.

In the same way for basic C300B accuracy 0.05% you will get: 4°C * 0.005% = 0.02% and then: 0.05% + 0.02% = 0.07%.



2. How to calculate the C300B current uncertainty? Does the Range in formula mean Full scale or Setting value?

The output current of the C300B Calibrator can be set from 0.001000A to 120.000A. The current is generated on 4 ranges: 0.5A, 6A, 20A, 120A. The guaranteed uncertainty of 0.02% of set value of current is from 10% of range (for example: 10%*0.5A=0.05A) 0.05A to 120A. Below 0.05A the uncertainty is 10% * 0.02% of range value (10%*0.02% * 0.5A = 0.00001A).

  • 5A* 0.02% = 0.001A (value of uncertainty in A) – because the 5A>0.05A, it is 0.02% of set value;
  • 0.1A * 0.02% = 0.00002A - because the 0.1A > 0.05A, it is 0.02% of set value;
  • 0.01A the uncertainty is 0.00001A (10%*0.02% of 0.5A range) – because 0.01A<0.05A so the relative error will be: (0.00001A/0.01A)*100% = 0.1% for setting 0.01A;

From 0.05A to 120A the uncertainty is 0.02% of set value of current; for every current settings below 0.05A, the uncertainty is 0.00001A (10%*0.02% of the lowest current range 0.5A).



3. How to increase calibrator output current to 360A and 3000A?

C300B Power Calibrator has an isolated current outputs so when you set the same angles between them it is possible to put together 3x120A currents to 1x360A. It's easy with the EA30 cables and terminals.

When you want to test CT clamps you can use the coils. For example with ZW100/10A up to 3x1000A and up to 1x3000A when three phases are summed.

How to increase calibrator output current to 360A and 3000A?



Data sheet

C300B 1-phase connection



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Electricity meter testing

Multimeter test

CF 106 Instalation Guide


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C300B - Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices

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