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TS33 Fully Automatic Test System  Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Sourceormers



  C300 Power Calibrator and Tester  Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices



  CP11 Power Calibrator and Tester  Single Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices



  TE30 Power Network Analyser and Tester  Three Phase Network Analyser and Tester of Electricity Meters and Instrument Transformers



  Calport 100Plus Portable Analyser and Tester  Calport 100 Plus - Portable Tester of 3 - phase energy meters, Current and Potential Transformers
  Calport 100 Portable Analyser and Tester  Power network analyser and energy meters tester



  The art of meter testing on site  The publication describes many issues regarding testing of energy meters on site.
  The repeatability as quality accuracy test standard of the electricity meters  The maximum value of the estimation of standard deviation is a very good basis for determining the energy measurement time for accuracy testing of energy meters: allows significiant reduction of time testing and guarantees the required quality of the test
  The use of the uncertainty of type A and B for the interpretation of the measurement results of electricity meter error powered from the mains on site  (PTPIREE 2016) Checking the meter error powered from the mains on site is reliable if the estimate of the standard deviation is not greater than the permissible error of the tester.
  New possibilities for testing of electricity meters  (PTPIREE 2016) The new generation of calibrators and analyzers, with many innovative functions, allows you to check the modern electricity metering installation with the accuracy up to 0.02%.
  Precision Meter Test Equipment  Meter Test on site equipment presentation
  Energy meter testing  Testing of active and reactive energy meters directly on site by using Calport100
  Current transformer testing on site  During testing of Current Transformer on the site, not only Energy Meter is tested, but also all additional accesories like CT or PT and working conditions of equipment: checking connection corectress in measurement circuit or burden of transformers
  Calmet and Calport 100  Calmet sp. z o.o. is designed and produced the wide assortment of measurement devices, like: calibrators of voltage, current and power, electricity meters testers, protection relays testers, power network parameters analysers, network quality recorders and analysers
  Calibration of energy meter testers with current clamps  Calibration of high accuracy 0.2% energy meter testers with current clamps up to 100A should be made with only using power calibrators accuracy class 0.05% without using coils
  Methods of checking a circuit with energy meter and current transformer  Modern double function testers of energy meters with additional function of instrument current transformer tester and popular single function energy meter testers make possible to check accuracy a circuit with energy meter and current transformer
  Calibrators – speciality of electronics industry of Zielona Gora  (Days of science 2005). Developed and produced for 30 years Polish voltages and currents calibrators are used for adiustation, calibration and checking the wide assortment of electric equipment
  Energy meter tester and power network parameter meter Caltest 10 is a single phase portable device designed for electricity meter testing on site