Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer


TE30 - Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

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Electricity meters tester class 0.05% and 0.1%. Three phase tester of current transformers and analyser of power network quality. It makes possible electricity meters testing on the site or in the laboratory.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What will be the 1mA current measurement accuracy of direct current inputs?

The accuracy of the TE30 (class 0.05%) is defined as 0.05% of measurement value in range 10mA...12A and 0.05% of lower range (10mA) for values below 10mA.

It gives: 0.05%*10mA=0.005mA. For 1mA the relative error is: (0.005mA/1mA)*100%=0.5%. So the 1mA is measured with 0.5% of accuracy for TE30 class 0.05%.


2. I often test energy meters on very distorted power network. It is possible to find the source of the distortions?

Yes, it is easy by the unique function of power (P,Q) harmonic measurements.
The sign at the bars of power in spectrum diagram shows source of the distortion.
For the active power harmonics (P): if plus (+) then distortion goes from network to load; if minus (-) then distortion goes from load to network.

See the pictures below. Oscilloscope shows that U and I are highly distorted but only harmonics of power P with many long minus bars means that distortion goes from this customer to power network.

How find the source of the distortions - osccilloscope How find the source of the distortions - harmonics


3. Can I use TE30 to test the ratio of MV (15kV) current transformer?

Yes, you can use special High Voltage current clamps up to 2000A at 40kV called AmpLiteWire, connected to the primary side of CT. The secondary side of CT can be connected directly to the TE30 current inputs or by precision 100A clamps to avoid breaking of the secondary current circuit. As the result you will get the ratio and phase shift error of the MV CT.


4. Error test of three-phase energy meter goes 33%. What is wrong?

Approximately 33% or 66% meter error test result means that there is a wiring problem.
At first make sure that TE30 voltage and current inputs are connected correctly to network/meter. Then use a Vector Graph measurements to find the problem. Probably one phase in your meter is disconnected/shorted or rotated.
Typical Vector Diagram shows picture below.

Typical Vector Diagram



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TE30 - Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

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