TE30 Lite

Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer


TE30 Lite - Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

Data sheet

Electricity meters tester class 0.2%. Three phase tester of current transformers and analyser of power network quality. It makes possible electricity meters testing on the site or in the laboratory.


TE30 Lite is our newest universal 4-in-1 device combining functions of:

  • Three-Phase Power Network Analyzer (Basic function)
  • Energy Meter Tester (Basic function)
  • Instrument Transformer Tester (TT function)
  • Power Quality Analyzer (REC function)


TE30 Lite Tester is a continuation of TE30 Lite (Three-Phase Power Network Analyzer and Tester of Electricity Meters and Instrument Transformers.


In one case, TE30 can offer all you need and more:

  • High accuracy: three-phase working standard class 0.2%
  • Wide input ranges: 0.05-600V and 0.01-3000A with clamps)
  • Quick measurements, analysis and reports of ALL power quality parameters
  • Automatic tests of energy meters and PT (VT), CT transformers
  • Easy to carry, transportation case for TE30 Lite with accessories, ready to use on site just after opening the cover
  • Professional service and support (it doesn't matter if you have a complex or trivial issue)
  • Low price in comparison to the best performance


Read the Data sheet and the rest of the website to know all functions of the TE30 Lite Tester. You will find there information about:


Measurement function:

  • electrical parameters displaying in table, vector, oscilloscope, bar and trend chart format
  • energy meter testing of meter error, register and maximum power with all type of pulse outputs (disc mark, LED, LCD, S0)
  • three-phase CT and PT (VT) transformers testing of ratio, phase shift and burden with easy wiring resistance calculation
  • measuring up to 63rd harmonics and interharmonics
  • calculating all type of active, reactive and apparent energy: P, P+, P-, Q, Q+, Q-, S, PH1, PH1+, PH1-, QH1, QH1+, QH1-
  • recording and power quality analysis according to IEC 61000-4-30: dips, swells, interruptions, voltage unbalance


Other advantages:

  • independent electronic compensated clamps allow calibration, service, later purchase without factory return of the device and interchange of clamps between different TE30 Lite units
  • powering from: line 85...265V/47...63Hz AC or 5...12V/1.5A DC
  • light weight: 1.6kg (3.5lbs)
  • large 7″ 800x480 LCD colour display with touch screen easy to use with gloves
  • screen capture and screen printing function
  • USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth interface for printer, PC computer, tablet or Internet communication
  • up to 32GB SD memory card for data
  • measurement reports and printscreens printing on site by the wireless printer
  • context help with circuit diagrams
  • impulse input and output up to 200kHz with automatic constants calculating in imp/kWh, imp/Wh, Wh/imp and Hz in all type of powers
  • system configuration can be updated any time
  • producer warranty
  • calibration certificate



Data sheet

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