Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer


TE30 - Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

Data sheet

Electricity meters tester class 0.05 and 0.1. Three phase tester of current transformers and analyser of power network quality. It makes possible electricity meters testing on the site or in the laboratory.

TE30 PC Soft

The TE30 PC Soft is a powerful software to expand capabilities of TE30 device of remotely connecting to device via USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet and enable use of a full array of testing and analysis. Software is dedicated for PC computers with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and tablets with Windows 8.1/10.

    The TE30 PC Soft is used to remote control and monitor of the device and allows to:
  • measuring and recording of all three phase power network parameters with digital, graph and oscilloscope display,
  • verification of power network wiring with measure and recording of power network parameters by displaying of: three phase voltage and current vector, neutral voltage and current vector, direction of vector rotation,
  • testing of electricity meters directly on site,
  • testing of LV and MV current CT and potential PT transformers simultaneously in three phases directly on site,
  • measuring of power quality parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30,
  • store, export to MS Excel, copy to system clipboard and print the result of measurements and tests.


TE30 Trójfazowy Licznik Wzorcowy - PC Soft


Data sheet

Electricity meter testing



Energy Meter Error Recording

CF 106 Instalation Guide


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TE30 - Portable Three-Phase Working Standard and Power Quality Analyzer

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